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  • GAMMA TNT² Touch
    GAMMA TNT² Touch

    The first multifilament string energized with the GAMMA patented TNT2 Process. A premium string that offers power without sacrificing control.

    € 149,95
  • GAMMA Live Wire XP
    GAMMA Live Wire XP

    Live Wire XP offers a firmer, more crisp feel for natural gut-like playability while maintaining the comfort and touch of Live Wire. Zyex® monofilaments with Pearl Coating are added to the outerwrap to provide added durability and

    € 139,95
  • GAMMA TNT² Tour
    GAMMA TNT² Tour

    This premium TNT®2 string offers a stiffer crisper feel for Tour-Like control and accuracy but still offers excellent resiliency and elasticity for greater ball pocketing thus providing exceptional power, comfort and…

    € 119,95
  • Gamma OCHO
    Gamma OCHO

    The octagonal shape of the GAMMA OCHO’s construction features eight sharp edges delivering maximum ball bite. Baseline players benefit from extraordinary spin and control, along with maximum power.

    € 109,50
  • Gamma Moto SOFT
    Gamma Moto SOFT

    GAMMA’s Moto Soft is a softer version of our best-selling Moto poly, offering less shock on impact than other, stiffer co-polyester strings. The softer feel, combined with the Moto Soft signature heptagonal shape, provides massive

    € 99,00
  • Gamma Jet 17 (1,22 mm) Blue (200m)
    Gamma Jet 17 (1,22 mm) Blue (200m)

    GAMMA JET is a polyester string has a twisted ribbed shaped profile and a textured surface for maximum ball bite and huge amounts of spin while allowing greater ball pocketing.

    € 99,00
  • Gamma iO Soft (Reel)
    Gamma iO Soft (Reel)

    iO Soft is a more forgiving version of iO poly, that offers less shock on impact than stiffer co-polyester strings. The softer feel provides generous power and greater feel without harsh vibrations. Ideal for intermediate to advan

    € 95,00
  • GAMMA Moto
    GAMMA Moto

    GAMMA Moto’s heptagonal-shaped string is designed for the high-performance player. Moto strings allow a player to generate maximum power with greater ball bite, delivering massive amounts of spin.

    € 89,50
  • GAMMA iO
    GAMMA iO

    GAMMA iO offers exceptional power, access to spin and pinpoint control. Its unique co-poly material takes ball pocketing to a new level, providing ideal levels of response and comfort.

    € 85,00
  • GAMMA Synthetic Gut with Wearguard
    GAMMA Synthetic Gut with Wearguard

    An all-around performance string that offers a balance of playability and extra durability for all playing levels and playing styles.

    € 79,95
  • GAMMA Poly-Z
    GAMMA Poly-Z

    This firm, responsive polyester string provides players with full, fast swings with consistent tension and greater durability. Poly Z grabs the ball, helping to maximize spin.

    € 49,95
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    Gamma Moto 17  (5 Years Limited Edition)
    Gamma Moto 17 (5 Years Limited Edition)

    New heptagonal shaped string developed for the higher-performance player. Allows a player to generate maximum power and greater ball bite for massive amounts of spin. Co-poly material is very responsive and provides lots of feedba

    € 49,95 € 45,00
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